Barely Human


I think it's true: sexual pleasure is located in the head — specifically the face.

They are barely human. They verge on the angelic. I guess that's how they get away with it, why it doesn't kill them.

I am not so much interested in the rest of their bodies. I am glad for the erectile tissue of the nipples, the blood-gorged shaft of the glans and penis, as well as there little dilating assholes, but when the cum spreads all over their chests and bellies, it is only their faces I want to gaze upon. 

There is no satiation to this desire. It doesn't wear me out physically so I can go on and on, making my way through all of mankind, person by person, an endless chain of seemingly indistinguishable individuals.

To best see their faces, a certain distance is required — three or four feet — but this distance is hard to maintain at the same time I am manipulating their genitals

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a voyeur, I don't seek a complete removal from the sexual act. Instead, I wish for myself a new physiology, to have no arms or legs, just a central lump which would combine the trunk and head. Out of this would emerge five or six limbs, flexible and about five feet long, each with a specific final articulation. To stimulate the exterior of the penis, to caress and massage and strike the body, to enter the anal or urethral canals. One of these trunks would end in a single large rectangular eye.

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