Michael and Lacan


Michael: Stephen, is the camera rolling? Hi. I'm here. Still. This is my home.

[genesis of the ego: imaginary identification]

Suzie: Is there sound on it?

Michael: There's sound. Of course there's sound. Is there sound? Yeah, okay. Aren't I great looking.

Suzie: Okay where's my empty glass?

Michael: I love this camera.

Suzie: How much more filmage do you have?

Michael: I want to make it...

[mirror stage: narcissism]

Suzie: With the camera.

Michael: ...with each and every one of you. If you something up here.



Michael: This is my interview, right?

John: What have you been up to?

Michael: Right, camera?

John: Do you record as well? Sound. Oh better not say anything. Anything stupid that is. So what have you been up to lately?

Michael: Adapting.

John: Adapting? To your new environment.

[fragmented body: aggressivity]

John: This new environment. It looks different. I like it like this.

Michael: More chains.

John: You've got a lot more room.

Michael: Look at this.

John: Yeah, where did you get this from. I thought it was that.

Michael: Got new shoes and everything.

John: {to people off-camera} Hi. It's Twiggy.

Michael: Whip it out.

John: Not right now.

Michael: Close the doors and whip it out.

John: Close the door, whip it out.

[production of the subject: symbolic identification]

John: You whip it out.

Michael: Fuck off, he's the camera man.

John: Well, he can whip it out just as well.

Michael: Well okay, I'll wait for a man.

John: I guess so.

Michael: Or a woman.

[the dead father: primal repression]

Michael: So.

John: So.

Michael: You're not my interviewer. Steve, is it filming.

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Michael: That's good. You know, it started a long time ago.

John: What started?

Michael: It started... Don't interject.

John: Oh, I'm sorry.

Michael: You can...

John: I'm interjecting again.

Michael: You can mumble. If you can't come across, you can mumble.

[illusion of autonomy: production of love]

Michael: It started in L.A. Hollywood. What's the camera doing over that way. It should be over here. Thank you.

John: Like closer, eh, like closer. Zoom. That's a nice pillow. Trendy.

Michael: I bought them all. It started there and ended up here.

John: He was born there. Weren't you?

[consciousness of self: infatuation]

Michael: Yes, but what I went through between then and now, you know. I'm glad, because I've learned from people, their mistakes and...

John: You told me once you were glad that you grew up here.

Michael: Where?

[formation of the ego: law of the heart]

John: You told me once you were glad that you...

Michael: Yeah I did, okay. That's what I'm talking about.

John: Oh, I see. I thought so. I just wanted to clear that up.

Michael: You made me loose my train of thought.

John: I did. You were saying about how it all started there and its ending here.

Michael: Not ending!

John: Oh, oh, its...

Michael: Its come across here.

John: Oh I see.

[paranoia of the ego: cunning of reason]

Michael: I'm fortunate, because, I guess, I can do what I want. And be happy with myself doing, not feeling. Not feeling, you know...

John: Oppressed?

Michael: Yeah, oppressed. That's the word. Thank you.

John: No problem.

Michael: Oppressed by the outer/inner limits of my mind...

[geometry of the ego: topology of the subject]

Michael: ...my space. So I feel fortunate. But I was abducted a few times.

John: Abducted!?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Physically?

Michael: You're not the interviewer. I'm talking to the camera. But you can... Yeah okay, go ahead.

[locus of the other: enunciation]

Michael: Yes, I was almost forced into situations, sexual situations. And I handled them very well. And life is a salami.

John: Like the ones you have in your fr... like the salami you made.

Michael: Like the salami I made out of day-glo.

John: Yeah they're really groovy, I love them.

Michael: Wow, I feel right now with this lighting system, I feel like daylight in a tropic climate.

[rhetoric of the unconscious: metonymy]

John: I know what you mean.

Michael: A nice tropic climate.

John: With a tropical blanket.

Michael: Where's the palm trees? There's one. There's one. There's one. In my mind. I don't have to hear...

John: I like the chain effect.

Michael: ...the sound. I do want to hear...

John: Did you buy the chains especially?

[point of desire: metaphor]

Michael: ...everything. I do I want to hear everything. Experience it. And hear it. Seriously.

John: I like your room this way.

Michael: Well its not set up totally. Chair goes over there, rug goes over there. Chains.

John: Yeah, I like that effect.

Michael: Canopies.

John: Canopies?

[discourse of the imaginary: empty speech]

John: {looking around} Oh yeah, yeah.

Michael: Okay, look around my room.



[subjectification of death: full speech]

MIcheal: Can you hear me? Just watch me.

[l'objet 'a': mini-phallus]



Michael: What? It's the truth. Some of it. Most of it.

[jouissance: castration]

Michael: Okay. It comes from here. Okay? Okay. Til next time we meet. Which will be soon. I need a light. And a cigarette.



Michael: I need to get some one thing. Get some one thing. Its a good word. Get some one thing.

[perversion: scopophilia]

Michael: The noise here in the background is nonsense. Only because it's nonsense. It's my house. It is. Anyway. As I was saying. For the record. I am. Me who. Are you. Thank you. Where you hubbub. Steve is this video one here happening shit. Stop it.


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