Language of Flowers


Flowers express an obscure vegetal resolution. 

It appears the symbolic meaning of flowers derives not so much from their function as from their appearance.

The beauty of flowers, as compared to the beauty of boys, is so widespread it should be considered a parody of the latter.

Even the most beautiful flowers are spoiled in their centres by hairy sexual organs.

Unlike leaves, which age honestly, loosing none of their beauty, flowers are a ridiculous travesty which remind us that love smells like death.


dandelion: expansion

narcissus: egoism

wormwood: bitterness

columbine: sadness

snapdragon: desire

water-lily: indifference

rose: facetiousness

camelia: purity

phlox: pettiness

trillium: reservedness

morning glory: tardiness

african violet: dolour

blue-bell: wit