Introduction to the Logo

I am a person, an artist, and a company. Otherwise I'd have to pay a lot more taxes. As an artist texts are produced and grouped together under the authority of my name. Up until a few years ago my company name was the 29th Room. I've decided since then to let my artist name become my company name as well. It seemed appropriate to develop a logo.

But I am not simply a logo.

I am a radical critique of the complex tyranny of the phallic signifier... well as a fully developed cartoon character.

Let me take this opportunity to demonstrate my goofy wit.

A man pays women to blindfold, restrain and whip his buttocks and genitals.

The man's doctor tells him of another patient who pays boys to bind, gag and whip his genitals and buttocks.

"Perhaps you would like to meet. You have a lot in common."

"But doctor, we have nothing in common! That man is a homosexual."