In the Realm of Perpetual Embarrassment


Now I know why they call them animals. It's just how the language works — things have a name and that's what they end up being called.

In these fortunate and primitive creatures, cilia direct a constant flow of plankton into hollow and often transparent gullets.

I am a machine that produces sentences. Fish are a machine that produce other fishes, usually of the same species. If I were an amoeba, it would be unlikely I would ever divide.  I would subvert the amoebic order, not through any sense of rebelliousness but merely because of an overall listlessness and vague sense of embarrassment.

These beautifully coloured molluscs are called nudebanks and have gills that are often exposed like a bouquet.

I don't know what the root of this embarrassment might be.  I am certain though it has been with me always. I would like to stress that it is completely unrelated to guilt, and consequently unable to partake of the motivational forces generally associated with guilt. Also, I am not sure what it is I am embarrassed by, or of. I am not embarrassed by my face or genitals, and unlike many I hold my feet in high regard.  So its no body-ego thing.

Here is the marmot which withstands the winds full fury by its luxurious pelt and the underlying thick layer of fat.

This mountain goat is able to browse at the upper-most limits of plant growth due to its highly specialized feet.  A rubbery pad protrudes from each hoof acting like a skid-proof suction cup.

I guess I'd have to say that I find it a little unbearable to exist in this form. I'm often surprised that more people don't exist in this realm that follows me as storm clouds trail certain unfortunate cartoon characters, the realm of perpetual embarrassment. But they seem so tentative, so unaware, unselfconscious. When I encounter them on the street I am always shocked when they speak to me in the same language I use in my sentence production. I expect them to be as dumb as animals.

Say hello to the black bear who likes honey and can use giant claws to rake through undergrowth for a tiny pawful of red or purple berries.


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