Pus Girl


It's partly a disorder of the blush, but it extends further than that. 

Mostly on my chest and arms, but also on my face, neck and back.

They're large pustulous sores.

I have very few sweat glands.  Most of them have been replaced by pus glands.

They can erupt really quickly. Any little jolt of adrenaline and they begin to form.

Although its not life threatening, it tends to be isolating.

I've never really had a relationship, or even a date.

I always wear two layers of clothing.

I tell people I'm allergic to sunlight.

I used to dream of falling in love with someone who had the same condition, but my doctor told me there are only three or four more people under forty in the whole country who have it.

This is a comic I drew when I was thirteen or fourteen. It's about a girl who's a super-hero. She fights crime by shooting her pus at villains, kind of like Spiderman. I guess I based it on myself. In this episode, pus girl is walking home from school when she sees a house on fire. By covering herself in pus, she is able to walk into the fire without getting burnt. She rescues children, pets and houseplants, and leaves anonymously just as the fire trucks pull up.


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