Yudi: I guess Steve was the first person I went out with that didn't have a lot of hair. I'm used to going out with people who have a lot of hair on their head, but I really like the fact that I could run my hand through his... his hair and feel his scalp. This was a really sensuous thing for me, to feel his scalp.

Jin: He embraces this wonderful masculinity with a very sensitive touch. He caresses very gently and he, you know he's not like others, he wouldn't be very abrupt. You end up with all this very satisfying warmth in your system. Its a prolonged experience where every little gesture, every little caress or kissing or hugging is blown up to wonderful, wonderful proportions.

Louisa: I don't think I'd ever spend that long or so much time making love with someone before. The hours were endless. It was pretty wonderful. I can't believe how detailed, how every inch, every part of my body felt like it was known, or covered. Or in some way explored.

Yudi: I guess just sitting and watching tv was one of my most favourite things to do with Steve. Because it would allow me to touch him in a way that was, that wasn't focussed on. I could touch him, but we'd be watching tv and then we'd be concentrating on the tv so when I touched him it wouldn't be as big a deal so I could do what I wanted to. So we watched a lot of tv.

Louisa: In fact I think in some ways that maybe I took over a little bit. Like maybe it was more of my own fantasy that came out. I mean Steve definitely had a presence and that was important but I think he allowed me to kind of just let go and be in some ways a little crazy or a little explorative with my own body definitely, but definitely with his as well. He's very generous.

Joe: Steve and I get along mainly because if his physical prowess. I've never met an athlete with a better body than Steve had. He could do things just with pure flexibility and strength that I've never seen another human being do before. I think mainly that's why... He could play tennis really well and I think that's what first attracted me to him sexually was the way he would hit a top-spin lob. I've never seen a top-spin lob hit with quite such finesse. He brought that finesse into his love-making. Not that there's any real connection between his tennis and his love-making... Well there was, in a way. I mean, he knew how to control his body, he knew how to move in space. He knew where he was.

Hall: He's much lighter than a lot of other people. He's very caring, I find. He's someone that I feel I can reveal or at least expose various parts of what I am and what sort of a sex partner I am really. I feel that Steve as a sex partner is... I said he was warm, I also said he was light. As well he... Steve has nice legs and he has nice arms and it seems to me he's a lot more than that too. He's a lot of things that I look for.

Louisa: Almost every time it was as if he was finding out something new about my body. Trying things but always in a very respectful and kind of curious and maybe even a little boyish way. I mean definitely, definitely.

Hall: He reflects me to a great extent. But outside of that I really, I don't know. I would imagine that part of what Steve has been is certain proximity to truth, in some sense. Truth about what kind of sex or how sex really is. Sex is a thing that you really shouldn't be dishonest about, I guess. Not that that makes any sense. Steve is a good sex partner for a lot of reasons—a lot more than I've really outlined.

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