I am not like you


Your curiosity will not be satisfied.

You expect things to be different.

You form patterns through constant fidgeting.

Even when your hands aren't moving your eyes are.

You face a certain direction.

You dress in clothes that match according your mother's criteria.

You are under the impression that free will is an impossibility.

You automatically associate the word "grace" with the idea "automobile."

When you think your thoughts follow in the tracks of other thoughts.

You never understood trigonometry.

You do not think that three-dimensions can ever be effectively rendered on paper.

You are thankful for repression but suspicious of sublimation.

You highly recommend a passive-aggressive lifestyle.

You prefer the Gothic to the Romanesque.

Although you do not feel inadequate it must be acknowledged that you feel others are superior.

You open your eyes and the world snaps into focus.

Your brain is a triumph of engineering.

You're no clown.

You have developed past a certain point.

You think wars are sometimes justified though domestic violence is inexcusable.

You can squeeze sorrow from an ashtray.

Your heart becomes erratic at the stethoscope's touch.


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