Ice Cream


Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out what it is we really want. At certain time many things can look very good but really it is probably something very specific that we crave, something we may not even have a name for as w have never come across it. This is the same basic impulse that results in the creation of new and unlikely ice cream flavours.

Like everyone else, I've been somewhat unlucky in love due largely to inappropriate object choices. Now I realize that what I've wanted all along is a boy without bones. I know that bones are important, even vital, but I've always found them unappealing. In fact, without my knowing it, they've disgusted me. In particular, the overcomplicated bones of the foot, the unnecessary harshness of a jutting hip, the skull which begs to be cracked open like an egg, full of unreachable thoughts. It is with sorrow that I acknowledge that a boy without bones could exist in any viable form and of course I have other criteria, so even if a small village of such people were found, there may not be one among them that appealed to me sufficiently that I could fall in love. But one always has recourse to fantasy, or, as it is more generally called today, creative visualization. What follows is a creative visualization designed to give me comfort and pleasure.


— Hello.

— Hi.

— I couldn't help noticing, but you seem not to have any bones.

— That's true. Like a shark or nose, I am composed of thick sheets of cartilage. It makes my body somewhat squat.

— But still appealing, and you have a very nice face.

— Thank you. I'm not very graceful on land, but put me in water and I can swim like nobody's business.

— Do you like to watch television?

— Yes.

— Which do you like better—The Simpsons or Star Trek: The Next Generation?

— Of course I like them both, but have a marked preference for the Simpsons.

— Of yes, me too. Do you prefer the Gothic to the Romanesque?

— Oh no, I'll take the Romanesque any day.

— And finally, what is your favourite colour?

— That is a difficult question, for all colours have the capacity to delight me. Orange.

— Bingo. I am in love. Is reciprocation a possibility?

— Yes.


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