Understanding Heterosexuality


I've always been curious about heterosexuality. The fact that heterosexuals exist seems to me improbable. But you just have to throw a rock and you're likely to hit one-they're everywhere. I've tried asking them about the roots-the genesis-of their heterosexuality, but they are unable to understand the question. It seems they think of heterosexuality-a term, incidentally, they rarely have any reason to use — as the degree zero of sexual identity, so normal it is completely without qualities or attributes. Recently though I found this magazine. It's from 1977. Its called Rendezvous: The Midwest Voice of Swinging and I think it sheds some light on the phenomenon of heterosexuality. I've been using it as a guidebook to the spectrum of heterosexual behaviour. Like many strange and foreign things it is simultaneously alluring and repulsive. Mostly, though, it's repulsive. I'm fairly appalled that the continuation of the species seems predicated on certain types of heterosexual behaviour. But I look forward to a more biotechnologically advanced future when this will no longer necessarily be the case.


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