Recently I attended my maternal grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. It made me a little bit sad looking at them and thinking how a fully articulated spectrum of sexual pleasures had been denied to them. How it was only by a supreme act of will my grandmother was able to squeeze out a few milliliters of vaginal lubrication. The passionless missionary humping that produced a half dozen stunned off-spring, aunts and uncles of varying sexual ineptitude. And then it occurred to me that I'm in the unique historical position of being a sexual pioneer, an investigator into the once forbidden realms of sensual pleasures. I'm developing new territories and boundaries for the body — both my own body, and the body in general. I am working toward the reclamation of an Edenic purity, a totally pre-lapsarian delight where one body flows into another, and its not important where an individual ends and the universe begins.


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