My Personal Virus

So this is a particle of me, this little sketch. Its pretty schematic, but it should give you some idea of how it functions, my personal virus, my envoy into the world of corporeal intimacy.

This is the hard protein shell and these are site-specific proteins on the surface of the shell. Site-specific in the same way that much contemporary installation art is, for instance. On the inside are the strands of genetic material.

It enters your body kind as a smell, a scent kind of like bay leaves. It sticks in your nose, it gets lodged, and it burrows until it hits a capillary. And then it begins to do its work, which is reproducing: reproduction. It doesn't want to take over or anything; it isn't really a threat to your autonomy. Of course you will produce antibodies against me — some of you even develop a full-blown allergic reaction — but it will be too late. You'll be in love.


See on Vimeo. Password: badger