My Erotic Double


Let me introduce my erotic double.



What is your name?

I do not need a name. You can call me Steve.


Are you a wholly libidinous creature?

Yes, I am wholly libidinous. I glow.


What did you have for lunch?

My nutrition is psychic, three square meals. I eat desire. I seek it out. I'm swimming in it.


What do you look like?

I'm covered with tendrils. A thousand or so cilia projecting into the three dimensions of space and undulating in the fourth dimension: time.


How do you experience time?

Of course I do not wear a wrist watch. I am the paramecium of lust. I experience time as a gentle wave, a steady hum which sets me vibrating in my ditch.


Nice meeting you.



Thank you.

Thank you.


See this video here. Password: badger.