Dream Work


We have been encouraged to analyze our sexless dreams as being latently sexual, full of repressed writhing bodies and blood-gorged organs. This project, this analysis, is referred to as dream work. It assumes latent thought is transformed by the processes of condensation and displacement into the manifest content of the dream.

Perhaps you've heard that sexually explicit dreams are rare, all the x-rated bits condensed and displaced into their coded manifest form. But my dreams are so full of graphic sexual acts, I've had trouble tracing back to the kernel of latent thought that should be hidden within. The latent and manifest have seemingly been transposed.

There are three possible explanations:

1. Repeated exposure to the banality of pornography has made it unnecessary for me to repress explicitly sexual thoughts.

2. When I am dreaming of spurting dicks I am really dreaming of something else.

3. There has been a total breakdown in the mechanisms of condensation and displacement, short-circuiting the usual movement from latent to manifest. I am dreaming in reverse, which makes my waking hours increasingly tenuous.


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