These images are from a film the CBC made in the early seventies. It's part of a series about children from different parts of the world, although I've only ever come across this particular episode. It's about an elephant boy from Sri Lanka. I was a child on the brink of puberty when I first saw it, and I guess you could say it made a deep impression. I remember it very well, or at least parts of it. Of course I can't claim to remember it exactly in its entirety. Memory is just a sub-routine of desire, so what I've tried to do here, and I've been pretty successful, is to re-create for you the edited version of the film that desire has consigned to my memory. So what you are looking at is a rare and genuine artifact of the psyche. I'm not going to make any attempts to interpret this artifact-any attempt would at best be partial, half-true. It's enough I think that I have been able to discover and re-create this precious artifact.

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