Monologue(with Provocation)


— Yeah. I did. Did I telling you the truth. Do I never. I don't know what it was it just. The same thing, same thing. I wish I could help, I really do wish I could help you. I never did it again and again. I only did it four times. If I can answer that lady I'm gonna answer it. You get those people who did it to me. I hate myself. Everything was working fine and I was finding things out. No. Yes and I'm paying for it. I'm paying dearly for it. I've lost the respect of my children. I've lost the respect of my wife. I'm just a man in prison. I don't have no friends. Feel sorry for. You mean everything in the world to me. You mean everything to me and I'm so sorry. Think of me. I have to live with you the rest of my life. I know I never will. Everybody think so when was. Am I could be. My education isn't that good. A father of a son and three daughters I raised them all except this one, this one was punished for it, this one punished perfect but she paid for it. You want to know something, answer me.

— Why don't you get psychiatric help? (question from talk show audience)

applause, black out.

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