Jin’s Dream

I dreamt that I went to art school and when I woke up — I mean when I graduated — I got this job designing pornographic playing cards. It was more or less just a paste-up job. I was given a pile of pictures and the templates for all the cards. All I had to do was decide which image went with each card. But instead of just doing it randomly, which would have pleased the boss just fine, I had this feeling — like a really important premonition — that it would really make a difference which picture went with which card. I thought that if I got it right, I would unlock some hidden key and some important piece of information would be revealed to me. Of course with the eighty pictures I had to choose from, there was a possible 80 times 52 factorial combinations — that’s about 6.45 X 10 to the 69: zillions and zillions. With those odds I was convinced something important could be learned from the proper arrangement. I just needed the time. So after working day and night for about three days, all I had accomplished was finding the dozen or so guys who might possibly be the Ace of Hearts. But then the boss came in and I was fired.



See on vimeo. Password: badger