Minnesota Inventory


title scroll left to right from beginning to end of video:

I like mechanics magazines. I have a good appetite. I wake fresh and rested most mornings. I think I would like the role of a librarian. I am easily awakened by noise. I like to read newspaper articles on crime. My head an feet are usually warm enough. My daily life is full of things that keep me interested. I am about as able to work as I ever was. There seem to be a lump in my throat much of the time. A person should try to understand his dreams and be guided by or take warning from them. I enjoy detective or mystery stories. I work under a great deal of tension. I have diarrhea once a month. Once in a while I think of things too bad to talk about. I am sure I get a raw deal from life. My father was a good man. I am very seldom troubled by constipation. When I take a new job, I like to be tipped off on who should be gotten next to. My sex life is satisfactory. At times I have very much wanted to leave home. At time I have fits of laughing and crying that I cannot control. I am troubled by attacks of nausea and vomiting. No one seems to understand me. I would like to be a singer. I feel that it is certainly best to keep my mouth shut when I’m in trouble. Evil spirits possess me at times. I am bothered by acid stomach several time a week. At times I feel like swearing. I have nightmares every few nights. I find it hard to keep a task or job. I have had very peculiar and strange experiences. I have a cough most of the time. If people had not had it in for me, I would have been rich and successful. I seldom worry about my health. During one period when I was a youngster I engaged in petty thievery. At times I feel like smashing the things. Most of the time I would rather sit and daydream than do anything else. My family does not like the work I have chosen. My sleep is fitful and disturbed. Much of the time my head seems to hurt all over. I do not always tell the truth. My judgment is better than it ever was. Once a week or oftener I feel suddenly hot all over, without apparent cause. When I am with people I am bothered by hearing very strange things. It would be better if almost all rules were thrown away. My soul sometimes leaves my body. I am in just as good physical health as most of my friends. A minister can cure disease by praying and putting his head on your head. I am liked by most people who know me. I am almost never bothered by pains over the heart or in my chest. As a youngster I was suspended from school one or more times for cutting up. I am a good mixer. Everything is turning out just like the prophets in the Bible said it would. I have often had to take orders from someone who did not know as much as I did. I do not read every editorial in the newspaper every day. I have not led the right kind of life. Parts of my body often have feelings like burning, tingling or like "going to sleep." I sometimes keep on at a thing until others lose their patience with me. I loved my father. I see things or animals or people around me that others do not see. I wish I could be as happy as other seem to be. I hardly ever feel pain in the back of the neck. I am very strongly attracted to members of my own sex. I am an important person. I have often wished I were a girl. I get angry sometimes. My feelings are not easily hurt. I sometimes tease animals. I think I would the kind of work a forest ranger does. I am easily drowned in an argument. Any man who is able and willing has had a good chance of succeeding. These days I find it hard not to give up hope of amounting to something. I am entirely lacking in self-confidence. I would like to be a florist. I usually feel that life is worth while. It takes a lot of argument to convince most people of the truth once in a while I put off until tomorrow what I ought to do today. I do not mind being made fun of. I would like to be a nurse. I think most people would like to get ahead. I do many things which I regret afterwards. I go to church almost every week. I have very few quarrels with members of my family. At times I have a strong urge to do something harmful or shocking. I believe in the second coming of Christ. I like to go to parties and other affairs where there is lots of fun. My harshest battles are with myself. I have little or no…


Man talks in sync sound, he is naked and masturbates throughout:

I’m trying to like, when I see this film I want to, I want to know what it was like for those cops in the country jail to see me sitting on a toilet taking a crap because later I’ll probably watch this and jerk off. I look in the mirror and I jerk off all the time, it gives me a hard-on. It turns me on. People order my free photos and I’m sending them out, putting them in an envelope… Sometimes I’m putting it in an envelope and I look and when I see myself and it’s like I’m looking oat someone else because all of a sudden I get real turned on and I have to drop to the floor like a ton of motherfucking bricks and my knees hit the floor and I get that picture down, down to the rug and I take my motherfucking clothes off real fast and just jerk off about seven times in a row.

Now last time I took a shit what more can I do? Besides jerk off in front of everybody, beside whack off in front of everybody and shoot my sperm out in front of the camera so everybody can eat it. I have sucked myself off and swallowed the come that was hot. The at was some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had, ever. I think that jerking off in front of everybody, letting everybody see it is actually ultimate. Then I experience ecstacy that people will see this happening, thinking about my prick. I think about sex, that’s what I feel like. I feel like a piece of sex, that’s what I am. I exists as a piece of sex. I am sex.

Sometimes when I walk down the street I can come in my pants if I get excited. If it’s a real scary situation I can throw a wad right in my fucking pants man. A cat pulls a blade on me walking down the street I know he’s gonna try and cut me and shit, usually before I take it away from him I come in the process like standing on the edge of a cliff that’s exciting. I could jerk off like that fuck around with rattlesnakes.

But this is cool, I’ve got another way to do it, watch. I hate to flush this good shit down the toilet man it’s a waste. People would pay a lot of fucking money to have that, even more if you eat it, a lot more. Don’t be surprised, most people are not surprised, I know some people are, don’t be. I can spit on a piece of paper and sell it. I have. I sold my fingernails, my clippings, everything you can sell, my used clothes, jockstrap, underwear, pants, everything. Come? I used to sell it by the gram.

Put the camera over here, I think it’s time I get stripped down so there’s nothing on even my feet should be seen by people. You know the reason I want people to see shit and come and the violence and rape3 like that I don’t want evidence that I’m fucking crazy on film you dig? I’d much rather come to something that’s socially acceptable. I can come to anything at all if it’s a guy or a girl or come or shit or piss or cock or tits or anything. But the world will accept this. Look at her. Christ. That is unfuckingbelievable. Blows my mind. They’re even more subservient than guys. They do really crazy things they scream and everything. Look at that. Unfuckingbelievable. All right. It’s like I have a harem. I’ve done this before, that’s why the pictures are all cut out like this. No body’s ever gotten to see this. Not even gotten to pay to see it. It’s a secret.

(he lays out pictures of nude women on the floor)

Sit on the floor like a little scumbag and point the camera. That’s what you’re here for. Look at that. You’re beautiful. This one here. She’s ready to get fucked. I can tell. Look I’ll come for her anyway. Yeah. How many eggs left in your pussy, must be about time get down between her legs and lick it, fuck her real hard. (blows her a kiss) Look at the size of that prick. Do you realize how many people in the world have sucked this prick? Thousands, literally thousands of people have sucked this prick and taken my wad either in the pussy or in the asshole or in the mouth. Can you imagine what’s like for me? Orgasm after orgasm. You know how many guys and girls I’ve had in my life, given sperm baths to and pissed on and fucked? Know how many checks are going around pregnant right now? Little kids out there who don’t know their fucking father? Ain’t my fault man I didn’t know any better, don’t blame me. I couldn’t help it. Oh Christ. Oh God. I’m a caveman. I’m reptilian. I’m an animal. I’m going to come.

That’s what. That’s what it’s really like in early life. When we were cave men, reptilian mind. There’s no such thing as inhibition, nothing fucking matters man. It’s just a bunch of neutrons and protons coming down from the sun and bombarding us all day long and fuck it. What does it all mean? It’s like…”