17 Descriptions

The guy in the shorts has never had the area between his testicles and anus licked.

And that guy, the one in the over-alls, makes little whimpering sounds as he ejaculates. His cum doesn’t shoot very far, just puddles around the head of his penis. There’s a fair amount of it.

This guy has legs that can be folded in any direction. He’s obviously not circumcised.

It’ll be a few years before this guy discovers how sensitive his nipples are. His penis isn’t very long, but its quite thick.

This guy can ejaculate very far — four or five feet. His cum is thin and bitter.

This guy has only one testicle. He is very proud of his slightly-curved, circumcised penis. He sometimes shaves most of his body hair.

And this one — the one in the white t-shirt and black shorts — this man is clearly bisexual.

He likes to be stimulated as much as possible. He’s capable of multiple orgasms. He can cum from anal stimulation. His whole body vibrates. His eyes roll back into his head. And his cum is thick, white, and sweet. He purrs as his feet are licked. His feet and his toes.

This guys penis appears longer than it is because it is really thin. He is capable of devastating hair-trigger orgasms.

He’s masturbated in the last twenty minutes. The cum’s drying on his belly.

The guy in the plaid shirt dreams that his bearded friend will fuck him.
And this guy sticks fingers up his ass as he masturbates. Otherwise it would take his a very long time to cum.

He hasn’t masturbated in three days. Maybe four.

The guy with the beard doesn’t realize how large his penis is. But the other guy knows his is very small, and compensates by being over-attentive.
And this guy masturbates three or four times a day. His guilt drives him to do it over and over.

This guy has crabs, herpes, and chlamydia. His nipples are very large and red.
And this guy, this big guy, masturbates by humping a pillow. His cum covers the sheets, and tastes a little bit like saffron.

This cyclist believes that sexuality is a healthy, positive thing. Every morning he masturbates in the shower, and then eats a bowl of Bran Flakes. Although he is not actively looking for a life partner, he is confident he will find one.


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