— Okay, Henry, you’ve just sat through the first 98 videos. What have you got out of them?

— Perhaps, Steve, the motto of the series could be, “Falling in love requires overvaluing the tiny ways in which one individual varies from another.”

— No, I don’t think so. My motto is, “A big prick’s better than a pretty face,” but even that general purpose maxim is only tangentially related to The Hundred Videos.

— Personally, I’m beginning to think of them as a hundred little corpses. Little corpses apathetically searching for a grave.

— That could well be. Everybody needs a home.

— Yes Henry. That is most likely true.

— I think so.

— Henry, Henry, you appear to be agitated. Are you bored or are you hungry?

— Life perhaps is a series of snacks. We are always searching for the perfect hors d’oeuvre. But I am not really hungry or bored. I have the urge to tell a story. But I can’t really think of anything.

— That is a very good idea, Henry. Tell a story as night approaches, and falls.


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