[Commissioned through Impakt's residency program, with assistance from the Mondriaan Foundation and the City of Utrecht..]


Cartoon for those who have a certain fondness for ideas, but are tired of thinking

We all lived in a little clearing. Rows of bunks in the steep wall of a gully. We did not really live together; we were merely adjacent.

Because we came from the swamp, our skin was beautifully luminous and supple.

There is no higher plane. After a certain point, it's all mountains.

Every door leads eventually to the world. But we had no doors.

There are so many ways in which one can be betrayed by curiousity.

Why is that corpse still sweating? Is it not a true cadaver?

Tourist? Or veteran of a foreign war.

Small forms constructed from abstractions. Large forms constructed from small forms.

A coin rubbing against another coin.

Elaborate balloon creatures, squeaking against one another.

A foreskin stuffed with marbles.