[To accompany an exhibition at Open Studio.]

Barb Webb



1. The two most sacred things in this life are — undoubtedly — books and trees. Only God can make a tree — with books, His record's been less stellar, beginning and ending with the dual stone tablets, both equally smashable.



2. There are two basic mechanisms in pop-up books.



3. The pop-up mechanism: the act of opening the book (or turning the page) causes the usually flat elements of the page to "pop-up," become three-dimensional, little stages, almost proscenium.



4. And: the pull-tab.



5. It must be awful to be a child.



6. Pop-up books, whether meant for children or not, belong in the realm of childhood.



7. The institution of childhood is based on a conspiracy to keep certain types of information hidden from children. This is referred to as "protecting the innocence of childhood," and is considered to be of paramount importance. In return, childhood acts as a repository for certain manifestations of whimsy, delight, enchantment and imagination.



8. In every box, a weasel.