[Invitation text for the YYZ exhibition Big Dick Time>, February 1997. It was a video show of collaborative works by men engaged in various types of regressive behaviour: On Our Own, Joe Gibbons and Tony Oursler; Heidi, Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy; Sir Drone, Raymond Pettibon; Sad Story of a Gay Skater and Pizza 222, Geoffrey Topham and Jonathan Wells. The text, which almost got YYZ de-funded by Metro Toronto, was also used, four years later, in my video Sad Disco Fantasia>.]


Big Dick Time


I know why Michael Jackson grabs his crotch and yelps. He is afraid his balls are shrinking, his scrotum disappearing into his body. He knows that one day he will find he has a little white cunt, half an inch deep, and none of the boys will want to play with him.